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Dimensional Game Guide


This guide will show you how to find the secrets in Dimensional. It will tell you the full story and give you further insights into the game. I've also included tips for some of the more challenging puzzles. The simple ones are left for you to figure out.

You should have arrived here by finding all the key codes hidden in the droid's status messages. If you have been sent a link to this page, you can still try to find all the key codes as a personal challenge.

Other Easter Eggs can be found in the game that are not mentioned here.

Level: Finding Digby

Maintenance droids
These tiny droids are responsible for repairs and also remove anything that casts the aliens in a negative light. This makes it difficult for Marnie Lash (named by a Kickstarter backer) to leave you messages. She has to hide her messages and make the language obscure to stop them being covered up.

Talk to these droids softly and they will turn and watch you. Shout and they will get scared and dart away and probably crash.

There is an in-game menu option to configure the microphone in your headset to make voice sensing work better.

Something to try

When evading the rolling ball you can easily teleport over the barrier, but did you know that you can also crouch down low and close to the wall and watch the ball roll over your head.

Level: Lost Offspring

Obscure area

Knock the blocks away to uncover the entrance to an obscure area revealing more about the workers that built the chambers.

Cleaning droids

Talk to the cleaning droids and they will look at you and talk back. Knock them off platforms and see what Digby says.

Information hub

Mostly used to allow workers to check in and out when building the chambers. The names you will see here are all provided by Kickstarter backers.

Secret message

Look down after going through the doors. You can teleport down there to a platform. When you first teleport down, stand still and watch the swarm of maintenance droids pass by.

Maintenance droids have been busy down there covering up Marnie's first attempts at leaving you messages. Most of the droids leave when you enter, but some stay behind. Watch them as they continue hiding the text.

Bucket location

You will find buckets to knock over on most levels. The end stats show if you found them all. In the image above they would be behind you.

Employee of the month

You will find three of these in the game, dating back to when the chambers were first built 30 years ago. The photos and text were provided by Kickstarter backers. They make it clear that the workers were human.

Level: Digby Skills

Obscure area

Use Digby to break the wall and watch out for Rob "Robawesome" Bluel. You'll encounter him on 2 more levels. Enter the room and read more about the history of the chambers.

Ball rolling tip

Here are some tips for rolling the ball up the long ramp:
1) Use Digby to blow the bomb up first, but stand well clear of the blast radius.
2) After rolling the ball up the ramp you can teleport closer behind it and get Digby to teleport to your position, ready to strike it again.

Bucket location

After passing the "employee of the month" you go outside. Look to your right.

Hidden message

After jumping the lasers, look up through the hole. There's a beacon that will allow you to teleport up into the hidden room.

Level: Careful Now

Avoid getting shot

The droids in this level will shoot when they hear or see you. Take your time, stay quiet, peak around corners and teleport your way through.

Obscure area

Teleport through the narrow gap between the doors and meet Aaron. Aaron is voiced by one of our Kickstarter backers. He's a companion droid and was supposed to accompany you on your mission. Someone locked him up, so you got Digby instead. Digby misbehaves in this room.

Bucket location
As shown above.

Hidden message

In the pitch black area, after coming to the second switch, there is a hallway to the right. Follow this to a hidden message from Marnie.

Lifts tip

To activate the lifts at the end of the level you need to use Digby to hit the two switches in the dark area.

Level: The Pendulum

Hidden message

Find it on the back of the photo. This time the message isn't for you. It's an old message left for one of Marnie's co-workers Michael. This gives you a hint that something happened to the workers. It also tells you how to find more secrets on a later level. The photo was provided by a Kickstarter backer.


You'll see these letters (shorthand for Remember Their Names) drawn next to two nameplates just after the room shown above. Marnie wants you to remember the names of these workers because if you pay attention you will also see that our two main attack droids (Blade and Rob) have the same name. These main droids were named by Kickstarter backers. Digby knows them well and refers to them by name: Rob "Robawesome" Bluel and Jerry "Blade" Lavish.

Bucket location

After passing the second swinging teleport, the buckets can be seen from the checkpoint. They are on top of the wall in front of you.

Hidden message

Solve the puzzle to open the door. go inside and stand near the painting (supplied by a Kickstarter backer) to see the hidden message.

Puzzle tip

Use Digby to rotate the tables to face their corresponding colours. The red one is a booby trap so avoid lining that one up. Do the green first to lower the steps, then the blue to lower the room. The blue one smashes the crystal columns and releases Spirit Guards that will attack you, which is why you do that one last. Escape and find the offspring before they get you.

Level: A Tight Squeeze

Starting tips

You start in a room with a switch that lowers the ceiling. Get close to the gap that is revealed in the wall so you can teleport through before you're squashed.

You'll come to a place where you need to crouch and walk by some spikes. Do this quickly and teleport down through the hole in the floor before you are trapped.

Hidden message

The room here has 8 droids. Accessing their status shows their names. The names of most droids in the game were provided by our Kickstarter backers. To see the hidden message, fire Digby through the gap to the left, then activate the button on the back wall. Next aim at the block on top of the wall halfway along the room. This gets Digby into the second half of the room. Now activate the button in that area and the message will be shown.

Bucket location

As you walk across the invisible platforms, look back to where you started to see the buckets on top of the doorway.

Hidden message - No. 2

You're told about this secret area back in the "Pendulum" level in the message left for Michael. Knock the cover off the air duct and teleport through. You'll find another message for Michael here.

Obscure area

Continue past the hidden message (accessed as described above) and teleport through a second air duct to your right. Here you will find where Michael got out of the chambers in an escape pod. Look around and you will also find a message left by Michael for Marnie.

Obscure area - No. 2

Knock the block off the top of the room. Push it towards the middle of the doors. Now teleport to the switch and activate it to open the doors. Once open (stay on the switch) use Digby to push the block halfway through the doorway. You can now leave the switch without the doors slamming shut and enter the room to learn more about the aliens.

Tips for breaking through the blocks

You need to smash through blocks as they travel towards you. If you destroy the block that's on a trajectory towards your head, another turns orange and moves to replace it. You can't destroy that block until the orange colour fades. It's easier to smash the blocks if you hit the one heading towards your head last.

The exit barrier lowers each time you destroy a full wall of blocks. As soon as the exit barrier is low enough, teleport up next to it and enter the incubation chamber. You will need to do this quickly because new blocks will keep spawning and soon block the exit.

Level: They're Listening

Defeating Blade

The first droid on this level throws circular saw blades at you. The blades track your head position making it hard to evade them. Notice that the blades stop tracking your head as they reach the platform you're standing on. Dodge them in that last split second. They are easier to avoid by moving sideways rather than ducking. It may seem hard at first but you don't really need to move far. It's all just in the timing.

Once you get the hang of dodging, use Digby to destroy all the connectors hovering between the blades.

Obscure area

Stand in front of the doors. Fire Digby at the spikes and he will say "Oww!" and activate the voice sensor. This will briefly open the doors next to you. Teleport through quickly before they close again.

Hidden message

Once inside the room (as described just above) notice the holes in the wall to the left. Peer through these holes and you will find a hidden message.

Bucket location

In the section with electrified walls there's a gap you have to stick your head through to teleport. You can see the buckets from here.

Distracting the droid

A droid is guarding the path ahead, watching and listening for intruders. Position yourself just around the corner from him, so you are ready to head to the next room. Now make Digby hit the electric wall further down the corridor where you came from. Digby will shout "Oww!" and the droid will turn and shoot at him. Now's your change to quickly and quietly head into the next room.

Getting past rapid firing droid

You teleport onto a switch and suddenly you're faced with a droid rapidly shooting at you. Digby hovers under your chin to deflect the bullets from your body. Your first response will be panic, but calm down. Slowly move your head from side to side and up and down and let Digby take the bullets for you when necessary. A wall will be lowering to your right, teleport through when you are ready.

Cloaked beacons

Follow the sound to find the location of 20 cloaked beacons and destroy them all before the bomb is detonated. It should be fairly easy to locate the source of sounds, but if you are struggling try teleporting to a different location.

Level: Marnie Lash

Obscure area

After pushing the platform off the rails, notice the tunnel to the left. Walk through this and through an energy shield onto an invisible platform. Follow the invisible platform to the right and you will find a hidden room where you can learn more about Digby and the fate of the workers.

Hidden message

When you see the scene above, listen for the cloaked beacons that make a noise. Smash three of them to reveal an information hub. Read the message inside to find out why Digby is not the most enthusiastic droid and why he doesn't like being thrown around.

The rolling ball

A massive ball rolls towards you. A wall is slowly lowering but not quickly enough to provide an escape before you're squashed. To slow the ball down you need to break one of the crystal columns hung from beams above. The fragments can slow the ball down and give you more time to escape. Watch out for the Spirit Guards that are released when you break the columns.

Spirit guards

The blue crystal orbs that chase you are Spirit Guards. These contain energy taken from alien warriors that are near death. When released they try and bond with any lifeforms around to try and continue their existence. The bonding process is fatal for humans.

Normally Spirit Gaurds can't be stopped. However, in the "Marnie Lash" level in the area where the giant ball rolls towards you, you can guide them to a bomb and blow them up.

The last egg

Here you finally see one of the full size Hunter machines, measuring 11m high x 26m wide. He's carrying the egg that the Hunters took in the second chamber. He's not concerned with you, so use Digby take it back while he's approaching the escape pod.

Defeat the Hunter by breaking all the crystal columns you can find. The Spirit Guard imprisoned inside the columns will attack the Hunter. There are five crystal columns to break, including the one the Hunter breaks himself when first entering the level.

Level: Run The Gauntlet

If you have completed the previous levels you should know what to do here. Quickly pass all the obstacles in this final exhausting challenge.

When you reach the end of the level you need to activate two switches before escaping. One to override the self-destruct and the other to open the exit. There are at least three ways of completing this part of the challenge. The easiest is walk through the energy shield and quickly teleport behind the ball as it rolls towards you. You now have more time to activate the switches and escape. See if you can find the other solutions :)

Bucket location
Beneath the final ball that rolls towards you.

Level: Epilogue

It gets cold when the power shuts off. Did you notice that you can see your breath when you speak? Did you blow the candle out? Your breath is controlled by picking up noise so you may need a loud blow. More gentle sounds will just move the flame around. If it doesn't work well you probably needed to calibrate you microphone in the menu.

At the end of the epilogue you find out more about my ideas for another game that extends the ideas in Dimensional to included weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

If you want to see more of Dimensional, please help me spread the word by telling your friends about the game.

Don't forget the trials and credits level for more challenges

If you think you're fit, try the "Lasers" challenge in the Trials level. It works best with a large playing area. This mini-game analyses the amount of floor space you have available and then makes you run to different places in your room to dodge lasers. You also need to jump over lasers. This is intended as a fun challenge for you and your friends to see who can score the most points.

The Blocks and Halloween trials are other points based challenges to offer a little more fun and value to the game.

The Credits level includes "The Jump" which is a short experience to try on people new to VR. See if they will jump of the high platform over the spikes :)

The Full Story (in sequence)

In the game the story is uncovered using dialogue, messages and notice boards. This section puts all that information in sequence and gives you the full story.

How it began

A secret sect of an alien race experimented with genetics. They managed to give themselves the ability to teleport through space and time.

A few members of the sect tried to use their new abilities to overthrow their government. This made their existence known and everyone feared them. The government vowed to find all the aliens with this new ability and destroy them.

The aliens fled and came across Earth 30 years ago. They asked for help and in return said they would share their technology. Humans feared what other beings may be out in space and decided they needed the technology to protect themselves.

The Dimensional project was created to build secret chambers to protect the aliens offspring. Workers were recruited in secret to build the chambers.

Eventually the offspring were moved in and the chambers were finally finished after 10 years.

The offspring are contained in hibernation chambers that look like eggs (1,000+ aliens per egg). The abilities of the aliens inside the eggs can be harnessed to power our teleport system and checkpoints.

The aliens abilities are genetic, so the technology is not easily shared. Our technology only works when we have the alien offspring to draw power from.

The workers

Digby Smith was the worker responsible for designing the AI for droids that would protect and maintain the chambers after the humans left. The aliens were not satisfied with his work, so they took over. They killed the workers and transferred their consciousness into the droids. This is why the names on doors and in the information hubs matches the names found in the droid's status screens. Your companion droid, Digby was Digby Smith.

Secrecy is very important to the aliens. They may have killed the workers regardless of whether Digby Smith had succeeded in his work.

Marnie Lash avoided capture and helped one of her friends Michael to escape in an escape pod. Marnie wanted to save all her friends. She spent the next 20 years experimenting with the alien tech and was close to creating a long range temporal teleporter that would allow her to go back in time and evacuate the workers before they could be killed.

Recent events

The chambers are specifically designed so that it takes a human and a droid with the appropriate technology to retrieve the eggs. Unfortunately the Hunters took another route. After finding the chambers (buried deep underground) they built massive machines to smash their way through.

As the hunters dug down to the chambers an emergency AI was woken and a distress signal was sent to the alien sect. The AI teleported a soldier into the chambers (the Commander who guides you via the drone) to help with your mission.

Marnie knew that a soldier would be coming to move the eggs and that would stop her completing her project to save her friends. She needed more time to prepare her escape. She found Digby and reprogrammed him to make him less useful and to slow down your progress. She changed his programming to make him unhappy and to feel simulated pain. He was also given instructions to imprison the main companion droid Aaron. Digby followed his instructions and, being a clever droid, drew a moustache on himself as a disguise in case he came across Aaron in the future.

Meanwhile Marnie started leaving you messages. She wanted you to understand what had happened and to give you proof. She was sure that if you understood you would help her escape with an egg so she could finish her work. She tried to write a clear message on the wall, but the maintenance droids instantly covered it up. After a little experimentation she found that the droids would leave words they didn't think were important. She hid her messages to make it harder for the droids to find them and hacked your HUD so that you would be aware of any messages you missed. The HUD upgrade also allowed you to see the droid's status messages which includes their real (human) names.

When you rescue all the eggs the AI initiates a self destruct to hide the chambers and protect their secret. Unfortunately this will kill the Commander who has been helping you.

You need to press an override button to stop the self destruct and save the Commander.

A successful mission

On completing all the game objectives you will have:

Recued all the eggs

Allowed Marnie to escape with 1 egg to save all her friends

Disabled the self destruct to save the commander

Loaded the offspring onto the alien spaceship

And finally departed with the aliens to help protect the offspring

Also you can see if you can find all the keys hidden in the droid's status messages. This unlocks the url that brings you here. Obviously not required if you are reading this but a challenge anyway :)

Thank you for playing

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