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Updated 10/02/16

Dimensional - artist wanted

I'm looking for someone to help me give Dimensional the bold and unique style it deserves. If you have experience creating compelling art styles and can help with modelling assets, textures, lighting and particle systems in UE4. I want to hear from you.

I need someone who is as excited about VR as I am, someone who wants to help create a unique and uncompromising game.

Please keep in mind I don't have a large budget.
If you're interested let me know:

How much time and money would you need to improve the look of the game to make it more likely to succeed? Think of low cost approaches with visual appeal - e.g. stylised.

What time do you have to commit to the project in the short term?

Would you be prefer to be paid a monthly amount, or receive a profit share, or a mixture of the two?

Do you own an Oculus DK2 and have you played Dimensional?

Where are you based? Are you happy working from your own location using your own resources?

What is your experience? Where can I find examples of your work?

Contact me at brett@HeadStartDesign.co.uk

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