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Updated 11/11/15

Dimensional wins VRTGO 2015 VR Competition

I'm pleased to announce that Dimensional won the VR Competition at VRTGO 2015 sponsored by nDreams. You can expect many improvements to the game as a direct result of this competition.

VRTGO 2015

VRTGO is an annual conference that explores the future of VR for both entertainment and serious applications. This year it occurred on the 12th November 2015 in Gateshead, Newcastle.

This year VRTGO ran a competition prior to the event for VR start-ups. I just managed to get my submission in to the competition on the closing day (1st October) and heard a week later that I had been selected along with four other entries to attend a pitching process in London. Dimensional was finally selected as the winner.

Prizes and their impact

The prizes were fantastic and will have a real impact on the progress of the game.

£1000 graphic workstation
RMT donated a super quiet and powerful graphic workstation - which I'm using right now. Perfect for 3d modeling and video production. Hardware is very welcome when you're working with a tiny budget.

Exhibit at VRTGO
Dimensional got it's own stand at VRTGO. This allowed me to demonstrate the game, watch people play and get valuable feedback. Everyone was great at the event. The talented runners-up in the competition played the game and gave me some good input too. The organisers at Secret Sauce were all very helpful and allowed me plenty of space to show off Dimensional's standing gameplay.

An Afternoon with PlayStation

I visited Sony's Evolution Studios and got my first chance to use PlayStation VR. The Heist in particular influenced me. Even more importantly I got loads of input and new ideas. These guys were so helpful and supportive. They even designed Dimensional's new logo, which wasn't even part of the prize. I think it's great.

Mentoring by nDreams

nDreams are the UK's largest developer and publisher solely focused on creating virtual reality (VR) games and experiences. Their highly praised game The Assembly will be a launch title on all the major VR headsets.

The ongoing mentoring from nDreams will help me reach a much higher quality level. Advice from experienced and talented professionals makes such a difference to a newbie like myself. My first visit gave me some much needed direction and plenty of ideas. I can't wait for my next visit.


Thank you to all the people at VRTGO, Secret Sauce, Sony, RMT and nDreams. You've all helped to give me a better chance to make it in VR.

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