Dimensional - the VR game

Dimensional - the VR game

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A first-person, narrative-driven puzzle game

Dimensional draws together key elements to help promote a sense of presence. You'll be standing, moving around, manipulating objects with realistic physics and reacting to dangers.

Nausea-free - a very comfortable experience that won't make you feel sick

Real-life movement - walk, duck, dodge, lean, avoid obstacles and search your environment. Only 1.2m x 50cm required to play. Full room-scale supported.

Puzzles - you'll need brains, reflexes and precision to beat the chambers

Explore - find the hidden messages and learn the truth

Mic support - expect to be heard as well as seen

The story

A trans-dimensional race is being hunted to extinction. Many years ago humans helped them build hidden chambers on Earth to safely hide their offspring. Now the hunters have built machines to smash their way into the chambers.

Can you rescue their offspring before it's too late?

The chambers are filled with traps and challenges that can only be completed by a human working together with an alien droid.

Game play

Use Digby as your hands and fists

Carefully navigate a series of increasingly challenging chambers while avoiding traps and completing puzzles and physical challenges.

You're accompanied by Digby. He's not the brightest or happiest droid, but give him a target and he'll hit it. Use him to manipulate objects or for more destructive purposes.

Awards & accolades

An early prototype of Dimensional won the VRTGO VR Competition in 2015. Read more

A successful Kickstarter campaign helped fund the development. Kickstarter staff highlighted the campaign as a "Project we love".

Locomotion without nausea

Dimensional uses the Play Pit locomotion system to provide a nausea-free method of navigating around your environment. Walk around your available space to define your Play Pit. Various innovative teleport techniques are used to move your Play Pit around the environment.

Read more about the Play Pit and download the tech demo that was first released on 16th July 2015.


Oculus Rift with gamepad or Touch Controllers

HTC Vive with motion controllers

GTX970 or equivalent - DK2 will work with older cards

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